The Enlightenment Party August 30/11

A wonderful and energy fulled evening.
Tonight we worked with the crystals and took on a mini healing with new participates taking turns using the stones as well as assisting in the balance of others, truly transformational With the use of stones we transcended the barriers of fear to be enlightened with energy anew.  This group trusted and gave permission for this tonight and maintained their balance and integrity throughout the evening.  This constant shift in activity, along with the use of the singing bowl and stones enabled the group to remain open and giving.  We, together reached up and shifted to a new plateau.  Working in group formation we were able to practice energy movement and connection with others, while sharing our experience,  removing doubt and creating a space to always allow this energy  to flow
Crystal and gem work is ongoing as is any other energy modality, therefore we will again revisit working with the crystals and re-energize our immediate space as well as our energetic body and soul.
Congratulations Ladies

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