Crystals that Assist

After having the workshop on Crystals, with The Enlightenment Party, I thought it important to name the Crystals that could assist you in your quest for better understanding.  These particular stones can be used for enhancing your abilities, third eye assistance, working in the angelic realm, new self discovery, talking to your spirit guide and the protection of the physical and spiritual body.
I will also add a Clearing Circle of stones here so you can practice by candle light.
This formation is created around you physically, you at center stage, so mediation is also available .

For Self Discovery, the stones are:
Angelite: enhances own abilities
Azurite: working with the third eye (located between eyes and up about 1″)
Mango Calite: working with the angelic realms
Turquoise: working with spirit (communication)
Malachite: assist with spirit guides
Sunstone: protects and physical and spiritual bodies

The Healing Circle:
Place your stones in their positions, light your candle and place where visible.
Place yourself in the circle and focus on the light of the candle and set your intention.
Relax and allow the energy around you to create balance and harmony, peace and love:
working toward well being and physical health.
There are many stones that can be used to fulfill your needs, these are suggestions.

DO investigate what works for you!

Center stage: you and a clear crystal
In front of you: Blue stone: Turquoise
To the left: Indigo stone: Indigo: Indigo Kyanite
Next: Violet stone:  Amethyst
continue in circle: Green stone: Malachite
Next: red stone: Rudy
Next: orange stone: Carnelian
Next: yellow stone: Amber or Citrine
Next: green stone: Emerald
This brings you back to blue, in front of you