Pur Enlightenment offers a variety of services to enhance your life and alleviate  dis-ease associated with energies out of balance.  The therapies on site are intended to compliment and assist you toward a more productive, happier, and clearer you.  You are evolving everyday, here at Pur Enlightenment, sharing information and modalities affirm our commitment to YOU.

Our goal as stated is to see every single person on Earth balanced and in complete harmony. We stand behind that goal, purpose and commitment.  Pur Enlightenment will assist anyone willing to take the journey to a better more relaxed and loving world.  There is nothing to lose in this process and everything to gain.  It takes one person at a time to realize their full potential and move toward that light.  It takes one person at a time to create peace in their world in order that it be seen and felt by others.

Enlightenment, balance, harmony and love are always our hidden agenda.

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