Dreamhealer–the book

Adam McLeod: B.Sc. First Class Honors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, First Nations healer, speaker, international best selling author (books in 21 languages in 35 countries); Qigong young visionary award; Golden Key Award; nominated for Dr. Rogers prize for excellence in Complementary and Alternative medicine. Currently in 2nd year medical school.

Many attendees of the DreamHealer workshops report a transformational experience from the unique group energy sessions. The energy in the room is palpable and often creates an energy shift for a person, which jumpstarts the healing process.

There are three ways to benefit from the group healing sessions held at every workshop: Attending a workshop, Sending energy from a workshop, or Remotely connecting to a workshop.

Attending:- Physically attending a workshop is certainly the most beneficial, as all present participate in two unique group energy treatments.
Sending:- Some people at the workshops choose to send the healing energy to a friend or relative who is unable to physically attend. Remotely connecting:- The third way to participate is to remotely connect to the healing sessions at the workshop. .

.The healings take place at approximately 11:30am and 02:30pm local time at the workshop location. Establish when the healing sessions will take place in your time zone and then follow these steps to remotely connect yourself to the workshops:

1: Find a quiet place to relax undisturbed (no ticking clocks, phones, dogs, cats, or other distractions)

2: Focus on your breathing and relax your entire body.

3: Clear all thoughts from your mind as you relax in a meditative state of awareness. If conscious thoughts return, then STOP, clear them from your conscious awareness, and start again.

4: Focus on an image of the healing video included in this article or on an image of anyone you know who is attending the workshop.

5: Visualize the healing energy connecting to you, as it comes through the top of your head and goes to the location of your health concern.

6: Know that the healing is taking place. Use some of the visualizations.

\7: If you are sending healing energy to a friend or relative, visualize this happening to them. Be sure they know when you will be sending your healing energy, and use a photo to stay focused on them.

8: Continue this healing process for at least 10 minutes.

All future workshops are posted on the DreamHealer website. We encourage you to keep in touch with the website for future workshops that you are always welcome to remotely tune into for healing energy.