Vibrational Bodyworks

Vibrational Bodyworks, just what does this mean in the context of Pur Enlightenment.
This dimension speaks to the vibration and frequency surrounding us,
and how this affects the body reactions we feel internally.

The meeting of two elements create this effect.
The “Gem” and the “Light”, we call it Gem Alliance.

I have discovered that sitting in coloured light and holding stones in your palms (palm Chakra) can
and does change your frequency and will and does affect how you feel, both emotionally and physically.

This changes our interaction with
both the gem and the light and we then know if it is agreeable
or not to our Aura (outer body-energy field) or our physical body.

This information then assists us with the gems we can blend with and the
light that works best for us, to be in.

The information moves us toward the healing properties that allow our bodies,
mind and spirit to balance and be in harmony.

The Complete Package includes 6 Gems, a SHARE card, a Instruction card and Brochure
a time (30 minutes) on Skype (to be arranged) with Barbara  $55 per session
is under construction

If this is something you would be interested in please
fill out the Contact Form below

Thank You
complete pkg

The Complete Package: above

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